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The weekend is almost over. It's been pretty weird. Productive, but weird.

Let me tell you that last week I finally talked with [personal profile] foursweatervests. She's in Madrid, and she's so lovely, you wouldn't believe. She has the cutest accent ever, and she speaks Spanish really, really well. I can't wait to meet her for real, let's see if Real Life behaves itself and we can meet properly. It's going to be AWESOME!

My weekend, in case you were wondering. )

OH! I almost forgot: I wrote two more scenes of my Mer!fic. Adam has Kris totally bemused! Brad is enraged! Cassidy wants to hit himself! So as I said, weird weekend but productive, too.
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The Mer!fic it's done.

At last.

I have to admit I was scared. Sometimes I thought I'd never end it. Aren't you proud? 18 000 words of Mer!Pregnancy, of Hovering!Adam and Angry!Kris.

Thank God it's done. Now I have to submit it to it to my wise betas so it can be demolished and turned inside out in order to work properly.

*****Cries in relief*****
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15 785 words of mer!guys and still no end in sight.

Really, what's wrong with me?

I'm of to bed now. The husband sleeps out tonight. The whole bed is mine! Mine alone! Beware!
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Do any of you guys know what do I have to do to beat my Mer!boys into submission? They're driving me crazy. They don't want their story to end and they keep on being adorable/stubborn/stupid all the time, and I have no choice but write their shenanigans.


I'm this close to kick my computer.

Can I, like, make them explode or something?
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Guys, seriously! Is my life awesome or what?

Surely by now, you all know how much I love podfics. I think they are the best thing ever, second only to macaroons. And to make my affair with podfics even better, the lovely [personal profile] diane_mckay chose The love of my fucking life to fill the prompt 'Record Angrily' of her Podfic_bingo.

I'm so honored and so lucky! Her voice is gorgeous, and the way she reads the characters is so spot on is almost scary. If you liked the story, go to her journal right now and tell her what a wonderful job she did. She deserves rainbows and puppies and a lot of wonderful things.

*** Runs off, clutching her podfic to her chest.***

ETA: And now here's the link to the Audiobook version. I'm the happiest girl ever!"
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So, long story short, I have a Herpes Zoster near my left eye. I really know the best way to begin the year full of class and dignity. Go me!

I'm still writing, and driving the husband crazy. The story is growing and I'm happy with it, so not everything is bad. I'll try to finish it in the next days.

And what about you, my dears? Is life good with you?
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3981 words of Mer!Adam/Pregnant!Kris so far.

Guys, I'm so happy I threw out the Epilogue of Doom!

I'm off to cook, tomorrow's menu requires lots of work. And patience, because I'm cooking with my Mom.


Wish me luck!
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I tried to write the epilogue of doom.

I managed to write exactly 200 words in ten days, and I erased around 1300 words of the epilogue. That means that every time I wrote 20 words, I managed to erase 130 words. =/

Not very productive, no.

So I sent everything to the trash can and I'm happily writing Part Two of the Mer!Adam and Pregnant!Kris, because crack is my destiny, and I shouldn't try to fight my true nature, wtf.

I'm back!


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