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I've been off the grid for a little while because of Real Life stuff that is so boring and depressing and totally normal that I'm not sure it interests anyone. This is my happy place, the place I come back to smile and enjoy myself.

But this morning I came back and what do I find? That MikeyWay apparently cheated on his wife and it's now engaged to a nineteen years old fan.

I don't care if he cheated or not, that's totally his business and Alicia's, we'll never know what really happened, if they were already separated or getting a divorce or what. Neither do I care that she's nineteen, because apparently she already has a baby and I suppose she's mature enough to know what's the best thing for her boy and her.

But if it's true that she's a groupie, then I'm afraid that the way I see MCR is going to be tainted forever. It's ridiculous that I'm feeling like this, I know, (way to be overinterested, eh?) but one of the things I liked most about the guys was the way they talk about women and how they respect their fanbase. This felt like a slap to me, honestly. I hope the guys and Alicia are okay.

But then, THEN!!!! I had the best news ever.

Guys, in only a few days, February the 4th, it'll we the release of Captive Prince! I'm so excited!!! I'm ordering both ebooks, and I'm thinking about buying also at least the first paperback for a very dear friend of mine. Don't you love the covers? They are so classy! And apparently the ebooks have lots of extras. Great!

I can't wait, I seriously can't wait. I know it's only a week, but I'm impatient like that. And even if we all already have read the story before, wouldn't it be awesome if we make Captive Prince a Bestseller or whatever? We can totally do it and the story deserves it so much! Go and buy it guys, what are you waiting for?

Everything is Laurent and nothing hurts.


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