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Have you ever had the kind of week that's so crazy and cruel you just want to curl up under a table and cry yourself to sleep? The kind of week where everything is horrible, people are especially stupid and you can't find a single reason to get out of bed?

That's not the kind of week I had. Last week was amazing. AMAZING.

I finally posted the second installment of my Mer!verse, The Taming of the Shrew. It was a lot of work, and without the help of my lovely, lovely betas [personal profile] cookie, [personal profile] jerakeen and [personal profile] akavertigo, the story would have been a lot worse. They've been so patient, so gracious, so supportive I don't know what I'd have done without them.

And then, to make the week even better, the lovely [ profile] diane_mckay made a Podfic of Too Mer to Woo Peacebly! How lucky am I, really? The luckiest!!!

By now you all know how I think Podfics are kind of the best invention since the apparition of chocolate covered pretzels. I'm in awe of the work podficcers made, of all the care and the time they give us. A good reader brings out things in a fic that sometimes you pass over. They make fics alive in a way that allows you to savour the words, to really enjoy them in a new and different way.

I think we don't thank them enough for all the love and time they spend in their works. And that's why I decided to thank them, one artist at time.

Let me tell you about my crush on [ profile] podklb. She's a true artist. Her voice is fantastic, and she has a way with her intonation that it's truly magic. She's also, one of the most consistent readers out there. Her work is so cohesive that it doesn't matter if parts of her work are weeks apart, you won't be able to notice it. It's truly gorgeous experience to hear her reading, because her cadence is mesmerizing and her voice is delicious. A joy to your soul.

I was so in awe with the work she made with [ profile] passe_simple's Forever, Now that I made a cover for her Podbook of the story. She was pretty pleased with it, so I made her another one, the cover for her incredibly amazing Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology. Before I knew it, I was amking her covers for almost everyone of her podfics to have them all shiny in my library, because I'm anal like that and she's gracious enough to let me play in her sandbox.

Well, she decided to post a cover everyday for a week ending with a masterpiece, her rendition of [ profile] bexless's hilarious non-fic, This Never Happened. It's a terrific work, go and download it, and then tell [ profile] podklb what a wonderful time you had with it, because let me assure you, you're going to spend three scrumptious hours with it. Trust me, you will.

I'm not going to bore you to tears with my rambling, so just let me show you what I've been doing lately, okay?

Her voice, my covers. )

So tell me, was it last week the best week ever, or what? I posted the fic, and people seemed to like it; I have [ profile] diane_mckay's lovely Podfic of my Mer!verse to squee over, and there are Podfics covers all around!

I'm flailing like Gerard in an Arts Supply Store!
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Here at last!

Guys, let me introduce you to the second installment of my Mer!verse: The Taming of the Shrew.

Title: The Taming of the Shrew.
Author: [personal profile] aneas
Word-Count: 20 310.
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Adam/Kris.
Disclaimer: This portrayal is entirely fictional. Not for profit, just for our entertainment.
Warnings: High levels of crack. Mpreg. Part Two of my Mer!verse, so you should probably read “Too Mer To Woo Peaceably”. Otherwise, this fic would make even less sense.
Betas: My delicious [personal profile] cookie, [personal profile] jerakeen and [personal profile] akavertigo are awesome ladies. They wrestled with adjectives and beat commas into submission, and more importantly, they made the plot interesting. Without them, this would suck a lot more.
Notes: I’m not even going to try to justify myself. I wanted to write something meaningful, but this happened, instead. Why should I try to resist the crack if it makes me happy?

Summary: Kris thought he was honestly prepared for anything after Adam came home with six bags of prunes to prevent constipation, and tried to make him dry swallow a box of antacids: ‘Just in case, Kris, the books say heartburn is painful’. Kris should have remembered the courtship, and never let down his guard.

Right kind of monster poster

You just have to go to [community profile] kradamadness and read. Go and tell me what do you think!
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And the third round of [community profile] kradamadness is now over. The first time I made some art, the second time I made some...thing, an hybrid between fic, mix and art, so this time I decided to be traditional and try to write a short piece. Little I knew that if the prompt is by [personal profile] akavertigo, then the result is going to be kind of excentric.

So here it is, my cracky little baby, please be gentle with it, it's shy.

Title: Too Mer to Woo Peaceably.
Author: [personal profile] aneas
Word-Count: 8 500.
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Adam/Kris.
Disclaimer: This portrayal is entirely fictional. Not for profit, just for our entertainment.
Warnings: Another Mer!fic. I’m starting to worry. Also? Incredible levels of crack.
Betas: My delicious [personal profile] cookie57 and [personal profile] cleverboots. I’m the luckiest girl ever for having them in my life.

Notes: So, there was a time when [personal profile] akavertigo was in the mood for some Mer!Adam trying to recover his Long Lost Mate, and [personal profile] moirariordan thought the world needed some Mermaid-Courtship Rituals, so they prompted me, not realizing that I’m so easy it’s a shame, really…and a few weeks later, this fic happened.

Summary: `Adam bites his lip, sheepishly. “Under normal circumstances, we’d have five cycles of courtship to get used to each other, but these are not normal circumstances. We’re actually on a very strict timeline, Kristopher. Excuse me for being a little anxious this courtship seems to be going nowhere,” he says, defensively.’

Right kind of monster poster

Oh, please, not again. )

ETA: GUYS! [personal profile] akavertigo wrote Comment Fic! for us, and it's gorgeous and amazing, and funny and delicious! Don't miss it!
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Title: The love of my fucking life.
Author: [personal profile] aneas
Word-Count: 10 500.
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Adam/Kris.
Disclaimer: This portrayal is entirely fictional. Not for profit, just for our entertainment.
Warnings: The guys are both assholes. No, really. They are.
Betas: My sweet, sweet [personal profile] cookie57. This is totally her fault. Believe me. This fic was 2 000 words long before she read it for the first time.
Notes: In this fic, Kris is the author of the song “The truth” instead of Pat Monahan & Toby Gad.

Summary: Kris feels like he should say something, something meaningful, that can sum up their relationship: beautiful parting words maybe, or even cruel ones, but something better than this horrible silence that stretches between them.

It’s no use. He’s always been shit at meaningfulness. With enough time, Kris usually comes up with profound, moving things. With enough time and distance, he even turns those things into songs.

Right now, looking at Adam, all he can come with is: `How did we let it end like this, so dreadful, so empty? When did we stop being enough for each other?´


The Love Of My Fucking Life. )
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Title: 100 hours.
Author:[personal profile] aneas
Artist: [profile] 3whiteroses
Type: AU
Word-Count: 31 100.
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Adam/Kris.
Disclaimer: This portrayal is entirely fictional. Not for profit, just for our entertainment.
Warnings: AU. Mmm...Possible embarrassment squick in some places?
Betas: The delicious [personal profile] jerakeen and [profile] forsweatervests. They’re goddesses, and I worship them. Without their work, Architect!Adam wouldn’t make any sense at all. Thanks to [personal profile] lire_casander and [personal profile] cookie57, you’ve helped me so much…


Lil said he had to look both professional and reliable for the hearing and when he nodded, she added, ”And that means no leather at all, Adam.”
“When you say no leather . . . what do you really mean?” Adam asked, intrigued.”

100 hours. )
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Title: Bitch-slap.
Rating: Mature.
Pairing: Adam/Kris.
Disclaimer: This portrayal is entirely fictional. Not for profit, just for our entertainment.
Word-count: 4500
Warnings: None.
Betas: The luscious[personal profile] cookie57. You can't imagine how awesome she is. This fic is our baby.
Notes: This fic was conceived in one of her threads, so it's all [personal profile] jerakeen's fault. I swear! Her tiara made us do it!

Summary: “Adam knows that sometimes, life surprises you with irony. And sometimes, life bitch-slaps you with it.”

The long, hot summer

Bitchslap. )
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Title: The long, hot summer.
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Adam/Kris.
Disclaimer: This portrayal is entirely fictional. Not for profit, just for our entertainment.
Word-count: 10 575
Warnings: None.
Betas: The delicious[personal profile] lire_casander, [personal profile] jerakeen and [profile] forsweatervests. They're goddesses, and I worship them.
Notes: This story is loosely based on the film with the same name. You don’t need to watch it to be able to understand this fic; you just need to know that Adam plays Paul Newman’s character, a bad-tempered drifter with a reputation as a firebug. He arrives in a small town that belongs almost completely to a wealthy family, the Allens. When he meets Kris’ father ands asks for work, Mr. Allen gets the idea that Adam might be a good match for his son. He invites him to stay the house, not caring that Adam and Kris barely manage to be civil towards each other. Besides, Kris already has a beau, and he’s determined to fight the attraction he feels for Adam.

The first phrase Adam says out loud is a quote from the original film.

Summary: “People in town will say: ‘Look at poor Kris Allen. His father forced him to marry a useless excuse of a man that just happened by,’” Kris wrinkles his lips in distaste, and Adam leans towards the net, his voice rough and hot. “But let me tell you something, honey. I’ll make you wake up in the morning smiling.”

The long, hot summer

The long, hot summer )


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