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I love cooking my grandma's recipes. Not only they're amazing, but also the entire house smells like her kitchen.

I'm smiling like a loony person, right now.
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I just updated my Master Post.

I'm exhausted.

I'm the worst kind of procrastinator, the kind that really thinks: "Oh, I'll do it soon, really, I'm just so tired,angry,busy,hungry right now, in a few minutes I'll do it for sure."

So feel free to punch me in the mouth next time I don't religiously update the damn thing, ok? Having to post the links for everything it's really hard. =/

But hey! On the other hand, I'm writing again, so maybe you could just not punch me very hard? Pretty please?
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It was our wedding anniversary yesterday. Three years. Time flies.

Three years married and ten more together as a couple.


We're really surprised we haven't killed each other yet.

Just kidding.
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My computer is broken again.

I never noticed how incredibly incommunicado it makes me feel. It's like an itch I can't scratch, knowing a lot of things are happening here and I'm missing them all. Missing fics, podbooks, fandom stuff... I feel horrible.

And I miss you, guys. I miss you so much! You make my life so much bright it's not even funny. My Real Life friends, I can always reach by phone, but you... I miss you!

I try not to think about all the things I still have to do. I have to write the freaking sequel of doom, (and I'm not going to dwell on the fact that now that iIcan't write is when I feel all inspired, the irony is killing me!) I have a few covers to finish and a fic I was halfway beta-ing for a lovely friend. This sucks so hard!!!!!

I have a computer for work, but it doesn't have internet, so right now I'm posting from the husband's laptop while he brushes his teeth. He refuses to leave it here with me, though I offered him cookies, sex and even sex-cookies. He's one of those responsible guys, the one that like their jobs and don't like to play hooky, damn him all to hell.

The computer is supposed to be operative again in a week or so. I'll see you then, I hope.
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The weekend is almost over. It's been pretty weird. Productive, but weird.

Let me tell you that last week I finally talked with [personal profile] foursweatervests. She's in Madrid, and she's so lovely, you wouldn't believe. She has the cutest accent ever, and she speaks Spanish really, really well. I can't wait to meet her for real, let's see if Real Life behaves itself and we can meet properly. It's going to be AWESOME!

My weekend, in case you were wondering. )

OH! I almost forgot: I wrote two more scenes of my Mer!fic. Adam has Kris totally bemused! Brad is enraged! Cassidy wants to hit himself! So as I said, weird weekend but productive, too.
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So my grandma made me Gazpacho today. It's my favourite summer dish, because it's kind of the perfect mix between healthy and delicious. It's pure perfection and I swear I can feel all its vitamins making me healthier, stronger, taller, brightening my skin and even whitening my teeth.

I'm not exaggerating. Much.

I love when it's creamy and you can eat it with dicey vegetables as a summer soup.

And I love it when it's smooth and you can drink it like a cocktail.

I love Gazpacho so much, that we even had it in our wedding, a Strawberry's Gazpacho Sorbet as first course. It was delicious.

I know, I know. This post has no relevance whatsoever, but I wanted to share my happiness with you, guys. My Grandma cooks heavenly and I'm full of gazpacho and happiness right now!
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OK, this is what happens when I go with the Husband to the Cinema.

Spoilers for DH part II )

And I'm starting to like his version better that the canon one.
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15 785 words of mer!guys and still no end in sight.

Really, what's wrong with me?

I'm of to bed now. The husband sleeps out tonight. The whole bed is mine! Mine alone! Beware!
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I told you I had to stay at home for a while, right? A horrible herpes Zoster near my eye has literally knocked me down. =/

The itching I can bear.

The headaches, not so much, because headaches mean less computer time, and the little one I can manage I have to spend it writing the mer!sequel (Only two scenes left! \o/). I've been terribly bored, afflicted with a horrible case of Kradam and Bandom withdrawal.

That's when Podfics came to my rescue.

You know how much I love my sweethearts [personal profile] shiningartifact and [personal profile] klb. They're angels, and they've been so busy lately, recording and being all around awesome people.

[personal profile] klb is a busy, busy bee. Following [personal profile] paraka's wonderful idea of an AI's Podfic list, she made two wonderful compilations of her own with all P!atD Podfic and all MCR Podfic so we, mere mortals, can have our happiness in the same place. Thank you again, dear. You're fantastic.

But that's not all. She also had time to podfic some wonderful stories, like Provisions by [profile] soundslikej, Rich Dirt by [profile] theohara or the incredibly funny and engaging Outside the Rules by [personal profile] bexless that [personal profile] klb recorded with [personal profile] shiningartifact in a weekend full of debauchery and promiscuity.

It's Gerard Way and Adam Lambert, but not Gerard/Adam, and it's amazing and funny and the guys are so perfectly portrayed by the readers that it's almost uncanny. I don't know what you're waiting for, go and download it right now! It's amazing!

Meanwhile, [personal profile] shiningartifact's been working in one of the hottest podfics ever, She (within the measure of a day) by [personal profile] mrsronweasley. I have no words, guys, seriously. No words. It has Sleazy!Gabe Saporta, Amazing!Ray Toro, Demure!Gerard and Bogart!Frank and it's hot and steamy and she even breaths sexy! It's perfection guys,go and tell her.

I also downloaded [profile] coriande's gorgeous piece of art, the podfic of The Accountant AU by [personal profile] shoemaster. Let me introduce you to what I think it's the BEST DRUNK!FRANK EVER!!!!! It's a lovely story, a delicious read and a wonderful way to spend 45 minutes of your afternoon. Her voice is dreamy.

And before I forget, [profile] h_lunulata has recorded one of my favourite stories, [personal profile] arsenicjade's A Light to Burn All the Empires. You can go here and download it. It's a long and satisfying story, almost three and a half hours of delicious angst, with a Mikey that's vulnerable but weirdly strong at the same time. A real gift for us.

I can't thank podficcers enough. They gift us with such joy I don't even know what to say.

Just thanks.
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So, long story short, I have a Herpes Zoster near my left eye. I really know the best way to begin the year full of class and dignity. Go me!

I'm still writing, and driving the husband crazy. The story is growing and I'm happy with it, so not everything is bad. I'll try to finish it in the next days.

And what about you, my dears? Is life good with you?
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I've been writing for the last two days.

So far, I have three scenes, exactly 3862 words.

I'm going to send this story to the trash can.

Would it be easier if there were some mermaids?


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