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It's La Noche de San Juan!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight is San Juan, the Night of the Witches, the night of water and fire, when magical things happen and summer starts.

Guys, if I could, I'd host all of you here in the island with me, because you shouldn't miss it. Almost the whole city population goes to our three beaches, people make bonfires and when midnight comes, everybody jump into the sea.

Happy Witches' Night, to all of you!
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I spent last weekend in Lanzarote to celebrate my cousin K's wedding. We had an amazing time, guys. It's great to spend time with those family members you don't see very often, and this time was especially interesting because the biggest asshole of my family wasn't able to assist, so the rest of us had the best time ever.

I'm not really comfortable posting pictures of myself on the net, so you're going to miss my amazing skirt, all embroidered and colorful, but I'm going to leave you all with two pictures of the incredible lunar landscape of Lanzarote, where water is precious, the soil is made of volcanic rocks and vegetation has to be protected from the implacable wind.

Lanzarote, the island of fire. )
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I was talking with my lovely [personal profile] cookie57 about a weird phenomenon that happens here at the islands, and I thought that it would be good if I looked for some pictures to show her what I'm talking about. Sharing is good, right? I hope you like it.

This is called: "Mar de Nubes" or "Sea of Clouds", loosely translated. Clouds with plenty of water stay over 500 m and under 1500 m over the sea level, and if you go over that height, then you can see our higher mountains emerging like islands among a sea of clouds, hence the name.

Here, have some pictures and a video.

Pictures. )

Video )

I love to show off my island.


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