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When you're busy like hell, apparently making covers for podfics can relax you.

Well, at least it relaxes me. Who needs to sleep, right? Sleep is totally overrated. I also made art for the BRBB, and I'm really excited. It's going to be so much fun!

Well, let's take a look at some covers. )

I'm afraid I'm forgetting a cover, but I can't seem to remember... =/
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Have you ever had the kind of week that's so crazy and cruel you just want to curl up under a table and cry yourself to sleep? The kind of week where everything is horrible, people are especially stupid and you can't find a single reason to get out of bed?

That's not the kind of week I had. Last week was amazing. AMAZING.

I finally posted the second installment of my Mer!verse, The Taming of the Shrew. It was a lot of work, and without the help of my lovely, lovely betas [personal profile] cookie, [personal profile] jerakeen and [personal profile] akavertigo, the story would have been a lot worse. They've been so patient, so gracious, so supportive I don't know what I'd have done without them.

And then, to make the week even better, the lovely [ profile] diane_mckay made a Podfic of Too Mer to Woo Peacebly! How lucky am I, really? The luckiest!!!

By now you all know how I think Podfics are kind of the best invention since the apparition of chocolate covered pretzels. I'm in awe of the work podficcers made, of all the care and the time they give us. A good reader brings out things in a fic that sometimes you pass over. They make fics alive in a way that allows you to savour the words, to really enjoy them in a new and different way.

I think we don't thank them enough for all the love and time they spend in their works. And that's why I decided to thank them, one artist at time.

Let me tell you about my crush on [ profile] podklb. She's a true artist. Her voice is fantastic, and she has a way with her intonation that it's truly magic. She's also, one of the most consistent readers out there. Her work is so cohesive that it doesn't matter if parts of her work are weeks apart, you won't be able to notice it. It's truly gorgeous experience to hear her reading, because her cadence is mesmerizing and her voice is delicious. A joy to your soul.

I was so in awe with the work she made with [ profile] passe_simple's Forever, Now that I made a cover for her Podbook of the story. She was pretty pleased with it, so I made her another one, the cover for her incredibly amazing Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology. Before I knew it, I was amking her covers for almost everyone of her podfics to have them all shiny in my library, because I'm anal like that and she's gracious enough to let me play in her sandbox.

Well, she decided to post a cover everyday for a week ending with a masterpiece, her rendition of [ profile] bexless's hilarious non-fic, This Never Happened. It's a terrific work, go and download it, and then tell [ profile] podklb what a wonderful time you had with it, because let me assure you, you're going to spend three scrumptious hours with it. Trust me, you will.

I'm not going to bore you to tears with my rambling, so just let me show you what I've been doing lately, okay?

Her voice, my covers. )

So tell me, was it last week the best week ever, or what? I posted the fic, and people seemed to like it; I have [ profile] diane_mckay's lovely Podfic of my Mer!verse to squee over, and there are Podfics covers all around!

I'm flailing like Gerard in an Arts Supply Store!
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Seriously, I'm the luckiest girl ever. See what the lovely [ profile] diane_mckay made for me:

A Podfic of Adam's Place!

Guess what I'll be listening to, non-stop, for the next ten days. Go on, try to guess it. I dare you.
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Guys, seriously! Is my life awesome or what?

Surely by now, you all know how much I love podfics. I think they are the best thing ever, second only to macaroons. And to make my affair with podfics even better, the lovely [personal profile] diane_mckay chose The love of my fucking life to fill the prompt 'Record Angrily' of her Podfic_bingo.

I'm so honored and so lucky! Her voice is gorgeous, and the way she reads the characters is so spot on is almost scary. If you liked the story, go to her journal right now and tell her what a wonderful job she did. She deserves rainbows and puppies and a lot of wonderful things.

*** Runs off, clutching her podfic to her chest.***

ETA: And now here's the link to the Audiobook version. I'm the happiest girl ever!"
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I told you I had to stay at home for a while, right? A horrible herpes Zoster near my eye has literally knocked me down. =/

The itching I can bear.

The headaches, not so much, because headaches mean less computer time, and the little one I can manage I have to spend it writing the mer!sequel (Only two scenes left! \o/). I've been terribly bored, afflicted with a horrible case of Kradam and Bandom withdrawal.

That's when Podfics came to my rescue.

You know how much I love my sweethearts [personal profile] shiningartifact and [personal profile] klb. They're angels, and they've been so busy lately, recording and being all around awesome people.

[personal profile] klb is a busy, busy bee. Following [personal profile] paraka's wonderful idea of an AI's Podfic list, she made two wonderful compilations of her own with all P!atD Podfic and all MCR Podfic so we, mere mortals, can have our happiness in the same place. Thank you again, dear. You're fantastic.

But that's not all. She also had time to podfic some wonderful stories, like Provisions by [profile] soundslikej, Rich Dirt by [profile] theohara or the incredibly funny and engaging Outside the Rules by [personal profile] bexless that [personal profile] klb recorded with [personal profile] shiningartifact in a weekend full of debauchery and promiscuity.

It's Gerard Way and Adam Lambert, but not Gerard/Adam, and it's amazing and funny and the guys are so perfectly portrayed by the readers that it's almost uncanny. I don't know what you're waiting for, go and download it right now! It's amazing!

Meanwhile, [personal profile] shiningartifact's been working in one of the hottest podfics ever, She (within the measure of a day) by [personal profile] mrsronweasley. I have no words, guys, seriously. No words. It has Sleazy!Gabe Saporta, Amazing!Ray Toro, Demure!Gerard and Bogart!Frank and it's hot and steamy and she even breaths sexy! It's perfection guys,go and tell her.

I also downloaded [profile] coriande's gorgeous piece of art, the podfic of The Accountant AU by [personal profile] shoemaster. Let me introduce you to what I think it's the BEST DRUNK!FRANK EVER!!!!! It's a lovely story, a delicious read and a wonderful way to spend 45 minutes of your afternoon. Her voice is dreamy.

And before I forget, [profile] h_lunulata has recorded one of my favourite stories, [personal profile] arsenicjade's A Light to Burn All the Empires. You can go here and download it. It's a long and satisfying story, almost three and a half hours of delicious angst, with a Mikey that's vulnerable but weirdly strong at the same time. A real gift for us.

I can't thank podficcers enough. They gift us with such joy I don't even know what to say.

Just thanks.


Aug. 20th, 2010 11:31 am
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I'm an extremely faithful person. The Husband would tell you that I'm very boring person to buy for, and he'd be right. That's mostly because if I find something I like, and it works, then I don't want to change it. So lets say that I buy a pair of shoes, and they fit, and they're beautiful and comfortable. The next pair I'll buy will probably be of the same brand. Same with handbags, watches, scarves, sunglasses... If I find something I like and it works, why should I change? He says boring, I say faithful. ;)

If I discover a new fantastic singer, writer, artist, chances are I'd give at least a try to everything they've done before. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. If I like the way somebody reads fics, then I'd give a try to anything they read, regardless of the fandom. And boy, does it works! Up until now, the journey has been wonderful, and I'm delighted. I've been introduced to wonderful new fandoms, and to fantastic people, too. I have podfics from SGA, Glee, Die Hard, Merlin, Sherlock...

Feedback is really important, and sometimes it grates on me how little feedback podfic readers receive. In my opinion, reading correctly a fic is an art, and it should be regarded as one, too. Their voices bring words to life, and they give new energy to fics you've read a lot of times before. If they're good, their readings have new subtle changes that make the fics new and unexpected.

So as a small token of thanks for two of them, my wonderful [ profile] shiningartifact and [ profile] podklb, I made each of them a cover for their terrific stories, New Rule and Forever, Now.



Both their stories are Bandom, but as all their work is magnificent, (as you probably already know,) I highly recommend everything form them. Please, go to both their pages and download everything, you won't be disappointed. Their AI work is amazing. They're funny, sweet, tender and OMG! so hot, and their readings are like the wine that accompanies a good meal, bringing out new fragrances and nuances of meaning you never noticed before.

Go, go, what are you waiting for?


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