Oct. 13th, 2012 06:37 pm
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I know sometimes my brain makes this kind of weird connections, but I can't be the only one that have noticed the similarities between Yellow Suit Guy from Gangnam Style and Ryan Ross, right?



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Look what the Sahara desert gave us to start the summer...

...a sandstorm.

How nice it's been.


PS: My island is the almost-round one in the middle of the picture: Gran Canaria.
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Can you believe it? My gorgeous [ profile] forsweatervests will arrive in the island next Saturday, and my freaking car just freaking broke!!!!!!!!

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Sometimes is pretty hard to put on your shoes and face Real Life.

I wonder if it'd help to lay high heels down for a while.
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So, we're back. What an amazing trip, guys, it was lovely. I already knew the city, but we were lucky and we had gorgeous weather, warm temperature and lovely light, so we walked a lot and we had the chance to explore the city at our heart's content.

Look at the pretty, pretty city! )

Things went well, almost all of what we took there stayed at the city, and we had a few interesting interviews reading future business operations, so all in all, we're pretty happy with the adventure. The city is vibrant and we're totally inspired by its intensity. Next year's collection is going to look amazing.

But guys, it doesn't mind how far I travel, I can't escape. Fandom life follows me everywhere. Just look what I found in a Christmas ornament's shop. It can't be a coincidence. It just can't.

Because I didn't even knew this shit existed. Seriously. It never even crossed my mind.

I think fandom is trying to send me a message. )
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Guys, do you remember how I use to brag about the fantastic climate we have here at the islands? How we have warm temperatures all year round, and how hurricanes, twisters or even storms don't really plague us? How I use to show off and say that Canary Islands are the European Hawaii?

Then Mother Nature comes and bitch slaps us like whoa!

I'm not bragging again. Ever.


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