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When the year starts I'm full of good intentions. They last as long as I forget them, which is pretty soon because let's face it, my memory is shitty.

I have some things I want to do, though, and I want to post them here so I don't forget them.

List of things I totally, totally have to do. Don't let me procrastinate again, guys. Now it's a shared responsibility. )

I also have some art I made these last weeks to share.

Art for all, but be careful: some of it is very NWS!!!! )
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When you're busy like hell, apparently making covers for podfics can relax you.

Well, at least it relaxes me. Who needs to sleep, right? Sleep is totally overrated. I also made art for the BRBB, and I'm really excited. It's going to be so much fun!

Well, let's take a look at some covers. )

I'm afraid I'm forgetting a cover, but I can't seem to remember... =/
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Have you ever had the kind of week that's so crazy and cruel you just want to curl up under a table and cry yourself to sleep? The kind of week where everything is horrible, people are especially stupid and you can't find a single reason to get out of bed?

That's not the kind of week I had. Last week was amazing. AMAZING.

I finally posted the second installment of my Mer!verse, The Taming of the Shrew. It was a lot of work, and without the help of my lovely, lovely betas [personal profile] cookie, [personal profile] jerakeen and [personal profile] akavertigo, the story would have been a lot worse. They've been so patient, so gracious, so supportive I don't know what I'd have done without them.

And then, to make the week even better, the lovely [ profile] diane_mckay made a Podfic of Too Mer to Woo Peacebly! How lucky am I, really? The luckiest!!!

By now you all know how I think Podfics are kind of the best invention since the apparition of chocolate covered pretzels. I'm in awe of the work podficcers made, of all the care and the time they give us. A good reader brings out things in a fic that sometimes you pass over. They make fics alive in a way that allows you to savour the words, to really enjoy them in a new and different way.

I think we don't thank them enough for all the love and time they spend in their works. And that's why I decided to thank them, one artist at time.

Let me tell you about my crush on [ profile] podklb. She's a true artist. Her voice is fantastic, and she has a way with her intonation that it's truly magic. She's also, one of the most consistent readers out there. Her work is so cohesive that it doesn't matter if parts of her work are weeks apart, you won't be able to notice it. It's truly gorgeous experience to hear her reading, because her cadence is mesmerizing and her voice is delicious. A joy to your soul.

I was so in awe with the work she made with [ profile] passe_simple's Forever, Now that I made a cover for her Podbook of the story. She was pretty pleased with it, so I made her another one, the cover for her incredibly amazing Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology. Before I knew it, I was amking her covers for almost everyone of her podfics to have them all shiny in my library, because I'm anal like that and she's gracious enough to let me play in her sandbox.

Well, she decided to post a cover everyday for a week ending with a masterpiece, her rendition of [ profile] bexless's hilarious non-fic, This Never Happened. It's a terrific work, go and download it, and then tell [ profile] podklb what a wonderful time you had with it, because let me assure you, you're going to spend three scrumptious hours with it. Trust me, you will.

I'm not going to bore you to tears with my rambling, so just let me show you what I've been doing lately, okay?

Her voice, my covers. )

So tell me, was it last week the best week ever, or what? I posted the fic, and people seemed to like it; I have [ profile] diane_mckay's lovely Podfic of my Mer!verse to squee over, and there are Podfics covers all around!

I'm flailing like Gerard in an Arts Supply Store!
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I was so lucky when [profile] pennilesspoet17 chose my art, because Haven is a gorgeous story of broken hearts and lonely people finding themselves and each other. Go read, I swear the story is delicious.

So, let me show you the art I made for it.

Title: HAVEN.
Author: [profile] pennilesspoet17
Artist: [personal profile] aneas
Characters: Kris and Adam,
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This fan-work is entirely fictional. Not for profit, just for our entertainment.


HAVEN:The Soundtrack. )

Dividers. )
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A little bird asked me to make some art for [ profile] neednotwant's hot, hot, steamy hot Kradam story It all falls away.

I was also asked to add this message:

"To Robo, with love and handcuffs (and sushi!)
PS: But, seriously: thief fic."

Here you are, sweetheart, I hope you like it!

Right kind of monster poster
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I'm not sure if you know that I'm fairly new to Bandom. I had some terrific recs from dear friends, so I became hooked, and the fact that My Chemical Romance's new album will come out next month is not helping my addiction at all, because the preview is amazing, the song is so catching, the guys look so good... Where was I? Yeah, addicted to bandom, right.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to [ profile] ladyfoxxx's work. Amazing author, so talented and so deliciously funny, her work is great. I'm enjoying her Dustverse! Series a lot, I'm so excited she's already working on the third installment!

I made her some art for her Dustverse!, a header for her first story This Might Get Messy, Kids, (that also has a podfic, by the wonderful [ profile] podklb, you shouldn't miss it),
and the second one, Hot Metal, that features Gerard's new car and it's hot, and dusty and so full of adrenaline you can almost taste the guy's exhilaration.

Dustverse! )

But the art for the dustverse was not the art I promised her. She chose one of her Bigbangs, so I also made a header for her wonderful story In Production, the epic tale of how our lovely Gerard Way, director, tried to finish his first big budget movie while dealing with his attraction to Brian Schechter, his stunt coordinator. It's long, it's satisfying, it's hot and it's sweet, and I love the story to pieces, guys. Give it a try, even if the pair is not your cup of tea, because it's very well written, and it's engaging from the very beginning.

In Production )

It looks like I'm in the mood for art, apparently. I wonder if it's a virus. =/
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And the third round of [community profile] kradamadness is now over. The first time I made some art, the second time I made some...thing, an hybrid between fic, mix and art, so this time I decided to be traditional and try to write a short piece. Little I knew that if the prompt is by [personal profile] akavertigo, then the result is going to be kind of excentric.

So here it is, my cracky little baby, please be gentle with it, it's shy.

Title: Too Mer to Woo Peaceably.
Author: [personal profile] aneas
Word-Count: 8 500.
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Adam/Kris.
Disclaimer: This portrayal is entirely fictional. Not for profit, just for our entertainment.
Warnings: Another Mer!fic. I’m starting to worry. Also? Incredible levels of crack.
Betas: My delicious [personal profile] cookie57 and [personal profile] cleverboots. I’m the luckiest girl ever for having them in my life.

Notes: So, there was a time when [personal profile] akavertigo was in the mood for some Mer!Adam trying to recover his Long Lost Mate, and [personal profile] moirariordan thought the world needed some Mermaid-Courtship Rituals, so they prompted me, not realizing that I’m so easy it’s a shame, really…and a few weeks later, this fic happened.

Summary: `Adam bites his lip, sheepishly. “Under normal circumstances, we’d have five cycles of courtship to get used to each other, but these are not normal circumstances. We’re actually on a very strict timeline, Kristopher. Excuse me for being a little anxious this courtship seems to be going nowhere,” he says, defensively.’

Right kind of monster poster

Oh, please, not again. )

ETA: GUYS! [personal profile] akavertigo wrote Comment Fic! for us, and it's gorgeous and amazing, and funny and delicious! Don't miss it!
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Guys, I just joined [ profile] kradamreversebb. This stuff is addictive, and I have no will at all. I didn't even try to resist!

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I had a wonderful experience when I joined Kradam Bigbang. It's great to finish a story and then, when you're done, wonderful art just appears for your story! The feeling is amazing. I can't thanks [profile] 3whiteroses enough for what she did for me.

So when I knew that artists were needed for Vampirebigbang, I just couldn't resist. I had the pleasure of making art for [ profile] slashxyouxup's story "The right kind of monster", a delicious Frank/Gerard vampire story.

I hope she likes it!

Right kind of monster poster

More art. )
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Real Life is hard: nasty, horrible things happen all the time, but in fandom, fantastic things like [community profile] help_pakistan happen too.

I offered my services and I was really lucky, because the lovely [personal profile] sperrywink gave me the chance to make some art for her amazing story What Dreams May Come, a beautiful tale about longing, broken dreams and teleportation, and what really means to be a family.

The story is deceitfully silly in the beginning, and then it crushes your heart. It's complex and beautiful, and deserves art way better than mine, but I'm not going to complain, I'm incredibly happy and grateful for being able to make art for it.

Let me introduce you my bipolar homage to such lovely story.

What dreams may come What dreams may come
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The second round of [community profile] kradamadness is over. This time the theme was Fantasy, and I chose[personal profile] akavertigo's prompt: The Little Mermaid... Part Deux

You can't imagine how much fun I had while I was working on it. I didn't actually have time for writing the fic I wanted, so I decided that a movie poster for the prompt was more than enough. But...the project just kept on growing until it literally ate my time away. I don't care, I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. It started like a movie poster, then I had to make the CD cover for the soundtrack, and then obviously, the proper soundtrack, and just when I thought it was over, it needed the Booklet that goes inside. I know, I'm crazy, but...that's life. When I can spare ten hours to write a fic, apparently I can devote a week to make this multimedia project of sorts.

Here it is, my baby: Season of Silence.

Did you think it was over? You're sorely mistaken, then. I'm like the luckiest girl alive, because the amazing and talented [personal profile] cleverboots took a fancy to Season of Silence, and then wrote the fic that was meant to be, and it's gorgeous, and bittersweet and so, so beautiful it will break your heart and mend it so nicely that you'll be thanking her and begging her for more. I promised her that if she ever wrote the fic, I would make her some art for it, and when she asked me for a divider, I totally went overboard, (again), and made her seven. And a header.


Don't look at me like that! It's totally her fault! Her fic is so awesome I couldn't resist!

Go right this moment to read this amazing, amazing fic. You'll love it. Used to Sing about Mountains.

I love fandom. I really do. It's the greatest place ever to meet gifted, nice people that make your dreams come true.

Once again, guys, i remind you that if you're not a member of the community, you should. It's a crazy, crazy place to hang around, to meet new friends and collaborate with them. Go, guys, even if you don't have a dreamwidth account, the comm has ways around it, they can give you an invite! Everything you need to know it's here.

Please, come play with us. We have cake!


Aug. 20th, 2010 11:31 am
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I'm an extremely faithful person. The Husband would tell you that I'm very boring person to buy for, and he'd be right. That's mostly because if I find something I like, and it works, then I don't want to change it. So lets say that I buy a pair of shoes, and they fit, and they're beautiful and comfortable. The next pair I'll buy will probably be of the same brand. Same with handbags, watches, scarves, sunglasses... If I find something I like and it works, why should I change? He says boring, I say faithful. ;)

If I discover a new fantastic singer, writer, artist, chances are I'd give at least a try to everything they've done before. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. If I like the way somebody reads fics, then I'd give a try to anything they read, regardless of the fandom. And boy, does it works! Up until now, the journey has been wonderful, and I'm delighted. I've been introduced to wonderful new fandoms, and to fantastic people, too. I have podfics from SGA, Glee, Die Hard, Merlin, Sherlock...

Feedback is really important, and sometimes it grates on me how little feedback podfic readers receive. In my opinion, reading correctly a fic is an art, and it should be regarded as one, too. Their voices bring words to life, and they give new energy to fics you've read a lot of times before. If they're good, their readings have new subtle changes that make the fics new and unexpected.

So as a small token of thanks for two of them, my wonderful [ profile] shiningartifact and [ profile] podklb, I made each of them a cover for their terrific stories, New Rule and Forever, Now.



Both their stories are Bandom, but as all their work is magnificent, (as you probably already know,) I highly recommend everything form them. Please, go to both their pages and download everything, you won't be disappointed. Their AI work is amazing. They're funny, sweet, tender and OMG! so hot, and their readings are like the wine that accompanies a good meal, bringing out new fragrances and nuances of meaning you never noticed before.

Go, go, what are you waiting for?
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So, I made two movie posters for the first round of [community profile] kradamadness. The theme was Performance, and the prompt was this one, and it was wicked fun to do.

The second theme is Fantasy, and it looks like it's going to be even better.

If you're not a member of the community, you should. It's insane, I swear the amount of fun we're having with it should be illegal. Go, guys, even if you don't have a dreamwidth account, the comm has ways around it, they can give you an invite! Everything you need to know it's here.

Please, come play with us. We have cake!

First one. )
Second one. )


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