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Well, last episode was kind of a disappointment, honestly. Chaos Rising was soooooooo good, I think I was ready for more awesomeness and...

..Fireflies didn't delivered.

I mean, I liked the Lydia part just fine, I liked her bantering with Stiles, and Dylan was exquisite in last episode, he was FLAWLESS, but he always is, so that's a given? But the rest felt kind of meh to me, and I'm not even going to get into Derek and the new teacher's first encounter. I'm feeling so cheated, really. I don't mind him having a love interest, I think it'll be good for him. She looks nice, I want her to help him overcome all his issues so he can be happy with Stiles as soon as possible.

But that moment with their hands and the music? It was frankly kind of insulting.

And if that stupid scene is all we're going to get about Erica, then I'm going to be ROYALLY PISSED OFF. Just saying.

The best part, aside from Melissa and Stiles, was how Allison DID stuff, once again, while the guys just TALKED about it. She's the best, guys, the best.

Also, why Heather, why? I loved her! She was lovely!


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