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Teen wolf's monday part three is here!

I'm feeling kind of porny, today, so most of this it's not going to be safe for work. Proceed at your own discretion.

Fanvid: Won't you lay hands on me? by Fannishthings

Again, not exactly my type of music, but boy, is this vid hot. It takes the lustful stares to another level entirely. Poor, poor Stiles, he didn't even stand a chance against Derek's intensity.

Podfic: I'm Betting this Wasn't Beta Tested, written by [ profile] dancinbutterfly and read by [ profile] dodificus.

Just a word for this, guys: HOT. Like, ultra hot. Derek's get into a sudden heat, and Stiles is the only one he trusts enough for this. It's steamy hot, and the reader is very good, never crossing that delicate line between emoting too much and getting kind of absurd. I certainly recommend it, because it worked for me and I'm really open to embarrassment squicks, so...

I'm Betting this Wasn't Beta Tested.

Art: The Space In Between by Daunt.

I love those lines. I love the colors, the light, the composition, but most of all, I love how well it depicts the intimacy of the moment. It feels real to me, I can't explain why.

Daunt's art: The Space In Between.

Fic: Anatomy Of A Werewolf written by [ profile] idyll.

I'm all for slow touching and this story delivers it beautifully. Stiles has an anatomy test, and Derek, helpful boyfriend he is, allows Stiles to map every muscle and bone in his body. They do it FOR SCIENCE, guys. Hot. Believe me, this fic is burning HOT.

Anatomy of a Werewolf.

And, as the most lovely farewell here you have

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