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I like to tidy things up, so here you are.

My fic.

Adam's Place: He's not pining away, for goodness sake. He just wants some plaid familiarity to break the grayness of the loft.

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The Podfic by the lovely [ profile] diane_mckay

You Kind of Stayed with Me: Yeah, Adam's gay, and has an extensive knowledge of flowers and fabrics and he makes fantastic color palettes for weddings, but…does that mean that he has to be the walking stereotype of a wedding planner?

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The Podfic by the amazing [ profile] argentumlupine
I made the cover for this podfic! It's the weirdest feeling ever, making art for your own podfic cover! Weird but awesome!!!

The Long, Hot Summer: “People in town will say: ‘Look at poor Kris Allen. His father forced him to marry a useless excuse of a man that just happened by,’” Kris wrinkles his lips in distaste, and Adam leans towards the net, his voice rough and hot. “But let me tell you something, honey. I’ll make you wake up in the morning smiling.”

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Bitchslap: Adam knows that sometimes, life surprises you with irony. And sometimes, life bitch-slaps you with it.

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100 Hours: Lil said he had to look both professional and reliable for the hearing, and when he nodded, she added, ”And that means no leather at all, Adam.”
“When you say no leather...what do you really mean?” Adam asked, intrigued.

For Kradambigbang.
ART MASTER POST by the talented [ profile] 3whiteroses

The Love of my Fucking Life: Kris feels like he should say something, something meaningful, that can sum up their relationship: beautiful parting words maybe, or even cruel ones, but something better than this horrible silence that stretches between them.

It’s no use. He’s always been shit at meaningfulness. With enough time, Kris usually comes up with profound, moving things. With enough time and distance, he even turns those things into songs.

Right now, looking at Adam, all he can come with is: `How did we let it end like this, so dreadful, so empty? When did we stop being enough for each other?´

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The Podfic by the lovely [ profile] diane_mckay


Too Mer to Woo Peacebly: Adam bites his lip, sheepishly. “Under normal circumstances, we’d have five cycles of courtship to get used to each other, but these are not normal circumstances. We’re actually on a very strict timeline, Kristopher. Excuse me for being a little anxious this courtship seems to be going nowhere,” he says, defensively.

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The Podfic by the lovely [ profile] diane_mckay

The Taming of the Shrew: Kris had thought he was honestly prepared for anything after Adam came home with six bags of prunes to prevent constipation, and tried to make him dry swallow a box of antacids: ‘Just in case, Kris, the books say heartburn is painful’. Kris should have remembered the courtship, and never relaxed his vigilance.

On Dreamwidth.

Lovely Art by the talented [ profile] house_of_lantis Please don't miss it, it's the cutest art ever!

You can also find all my fics here, at the Archive Of Our Own.. I love that place, it's so neat!

My art.

Two posters for [community profile] kradamadness's first round: Performance.

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Covers for [personal profile] shiningartifact and [personal profile] klb's podfics.

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The beginning of the Mer!verse for [community profile] kradamadness's second round: Fantasy.

First, there was a weird multimedia project with posters, soundtrack and a booklet that I made with [personal profile] akavertigo's prompt.
On Dreamwidth.

Then, there was the most amazing story ever, [personal profile] cleverboots's fantastic, delicious, awesome fic: Used to Sing about Mountains, and the dividers I made for her, because she let me read it while she was writing it, and I felt madly in love with her elegant work.
On Dreamwidth.

And then the sweet [personal profile] poppetawoppet decided to make a remix of both the story and the art, and gifted us with Far Across the Stars (my heart will lead me there) and it's gorgeous.
But it wasn't enough, no, it wasn't, because she loves us and wrote Far Across the Stars (my heart will lead me there) THE STORY and that's why everything is Mer!Kradam and nothing hurts.

Art for [personal profile] sperrywink's lovely story What Dreams May Come. She won my bid in [community profile] help_pakistan.

On Dreamwidth.

Art for "The right kind of monster", the story [ profile] slashxyouxup wrote for Vampirebigbang. Header and dividers.

On Dreamwidth.

Art for [ profile] ladyfoxxx.

Some icons and headers for her Dust!verse, and a header for her totally awesome story In Production. This piece is, in fact, one of my favorites.

On Dreamwidth.

Requested art for [ profile] neednotwant's steamy Kradam story: It all falls away.

On Livejournal
On Dreamwidth.

[ profile] pennilesspoet17 wrote a wonderful bittersweet romance around the poster, dividers and soundtrack I made for[ profile] kradamreversebb. The story is called Haven and it's exquisitely sad and sweet.

On Livejournal

I love [ profile] podklb. I think she hung the moon. My crush is really, really ridiculous at this point, so I'm way pass ashamed. That's why I pestered her until she let me do the covers for all her fics, because she's awesome like that.

First batch on Livejournal
Second batch on Dreamwidth.

Cover for [ profile] bexless's story: As Mine See It read by [ profile] podklb.

On Livejournal
The whole series' cover

Right now she's working on [ profile] novembersmith's story: Anatomy of a Fall, and you should go and cheer her up, so she can feel all the love and good vibrations. It's going to be awesome when it's finished!

I also had the incredible chance to make the cover for [ profile] arsenicjade's Discipline and Punish 'verse that my much adored [ profile] knight_tracer decided to podfic. Seriously guys, you can't miss it, it's epic.

One of my favourite stories ever,[ profile] sunsetmog's Sea Change, was also recorded by [ profile] knight_tracer, and I made the cover for her podfic. I love this cover. I can't tell you guys how hard it was to work on it, but Knight_tracer was so helpful it made the process incredibly rewarding. It's one of my top three covers. I love it.

Then I made her covers for some other podfics, because apparently I'm obsessive like that:

Cover for the super funny [ profile] passe_simple's Stealing Series, that I adore.

Another cover for [ profile] sena's Not!Fic Catholic!Frank/Artist!Gerard, bittersweet and a lovely, lovely love story.

And probably one of my favorites series ever, [ profile] sunsetmog's Rugby 'verse. I made covers for both [ profile] knight_tracer's version and [ profile] jenepod's version. It was so fun!

I made the cover for [personal profile] shiningartifact's podfic of [personal profile] jerakeen's More Myself With You, a story that means a lot to me. And it's written by Jer, who's an amazing human being, and read by Shiningartifact, another awesome person, so go right now and download the podbook here.

[community profile] kradamadness has a special place in my heart, so I made it a very, very NOT WORK SAFE thingy that you can see here. There's not enough werewolf porn around, if you ask me.

And for the Bandom Secret Married Fest I made also this cover/poster/header thingy to fill THIS amazing prompt that I'm still waiting somebody write for me. Because I need it. For science. Or something.

I had the chance to collaborate with [ profile] snarkydame in pretty sweet project for BandomReverseBigbang. Her story Anubis Bar the Door (I'm not done with that heart) is delicious, and she even gave me my own art post here, where you can see how was the art that inspired her poetic story and the modifications I made to it after I read the fic. It also contains the cover I wanted to surprise her with, because she's very sweet and totally deserved a surprise.

I love [ profile] argentumlupine's work. She has a way to use her voice that totally engages you, so I was more than happy to make her the cover for her podfic of the ultra hot [ profile] mrsronweasley's fic Run.

For Bandom Big Bang: 2012 Wave Two I had the chance to finish two podfic covers.

The first one is the for my very, very loved [ profile] knight_tracer. She podficced [ profile] Littlemousling's fantastic story Cute Girls (Just Wanna have Fun). And it's AMAZING.

The second one is for [ profile] jenepod's podfic of [ profile] frankie_ann's sweet story Floating Your Way Out.Go and download, you won't regret it.

And that's all for now, I think. If I missed something, please tell me.
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