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OK. Around 5 400 words of Mer!Adam, and the thing keeps on growing. Good news.

Apparently I'm hosting New Year's Eve. Again. Without my previous knowledge. Again. Not so good news.

Whatever, I'm thinking barbecue is totally NYE food. And if it isn't, it should be. (It's the only thing I'm in the mood for, anyway: My house, my rules. They're so lucky I'm not feeding them hot dogs!) After all, tropical weather the whole year round is something to be taken advantage of, don't you think? Barbecue for them all!

No muse.

Nov. 8th, 2010 07:15 pm
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I'm trying to write the epilogue to 100 hours I promised. So far, it doesn't look very good. I wrote exactly 45 words.


Also? Family assholes in Real Life are an actual pain. I need a bazooka!
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I don't know if I told you that we didn't have a proper vacation, this year. Some projects came up, and with the current economic situation, we had to take them. So, on one hand: YAY! \o/ (Gerard's flailing arms of happiness!) because Projects! and on the other hand: "_" (Gerard's emo face of inner suffering) because no vacation time!

The Husband, the one I married just two years ago after 10 years of relationship, said a few weeks ago: "Guess what? I rented a little apartment for us to spend some days in September!" So I made the appropriate jumps of joy, yelled our song at the top of our lungs and run in circles to thank him for his wonderful, wonderful surprise. (Don't ask, it's a long story.)

I adore the place we're going to, V. knows my tastes so well. (As I said, after 12 years together, he's thoroughly trained) Look! Isn't it gorgeous?

Sights from the apartment:

The garden:


We spent a weekend together there two years ago. It's the most relaxing place ever, really. I was looking forward to it.

Yes, I was looking forward to it.

Last night, V. dropped the bomb.

"So, I was thinking..." he said, and I should have known right then that I wasn't going to like what's coming next. "You know the apartment has two bedrooms, right?"
I had a bad, bad feeling. "Right."
"It's kind of a waste, so I asked G and Y to come and spend the weekend with us." G is V's partner at the studio. He's an architect, too, we met in college, and we've been friends since. He married an old friend of mine, Y, so we usually go out together and stuff. I love them, really, but not enough for sharing my only vacation with them.

It was supposed to be an romantic getaway, damn it! What kind of romantic getaway could it be if involves my husband's partner and his wife?
Ok, that sounded way kinkier that it was intended.

Anyway, you can imagine my face, can't you? Believe me when I say that after I ended explaining him the difference between a romantic escapade and a friendly weekend off, his face was as pale as mine.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that G and Y just had a little girl last June.

Yes, last June. That means I'm going to spend my romantic weekend with another couple and their three months old daughter.

V. was so lucky I only had a tea towel in my hands at the moment. Had it been knives, the outcome would have been really different.

I'm writing Mer!Adam. I fully intend to finish it this weekend, as the long steamy sessions of wild monkey sex are not in the menu anymore.


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